Much of my work has been created for the high-pressure, fast-turnaround and often budget-constrained world of advertising. This environment forced me long ago to expand my skills beyond the core of rough and fine cut picture editing.

My skillset comprises video editing, color correction, music editing and sound design. I am an expert in Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X (becoming certified in the latter a few years ago) and use DaVinci Resolve for my grading, and increasingly for editing as well. I’m also proficient with ancillary tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Audition and have a working knowledge of Adobe After Effects, though I do not consider myself a motion graphics artist.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a few examples of my color grading work. Examples of audio work will be posted soon.

Pepsi Cinemagraph CC Demo

Pepsi Cinemagraphs CC

Pepsi Cinemagraph CC Demo

Pepsi Promo Video CC

Two Good Yoghurt CC Demo

Two Good Web Video CC

Gatorade Social CC

Gatorade Social Video CC